The ERES conference aspires to be a European and international forum for the academic, industrial and social  stakeholders of the REE industry. Advances in all fields and aspects of REEs are welcome to be presented and discussed in the conference. Especially for 2017 our aim is to provide answers in the following topics:

Fig2 copy-European REE Resources: Finding and Mining for REE in Europe and beyond. From monazite, to bastnäsite, to ion-clays and sea nodules what is the next REE mineral resource that will dominate the industry? Are there new mineral resources to be exploited? How do we find them and can we mine them?

REE processing technologies: Green REE processing? From ore beneficiation to metal production, how clean can REE processing be? Are there ways to produce the elements used in green technologies in ways that are globally sustainable? And will you ever have it in your backyard?

-REE urban mining/recycling:  Can it happen? Can urban recycling transcend from bulk metals to critical – trace metals? Is REE urban mining feasible ? where are the technological and social barriers? 


IME (Martin Braun)-REE form industrial by-products: From ppms to kgs. Are industrial wastes the next main REE resource? Can we economically upgrade some hundreds of REE ppms to kg-concentrates? New industrial symbiosis on the horizon?

-REE Market and applications: Bubble or bottleneck? Is the REE race over? (who won?) Or will the world run short on vital enabling elements in the next years? What happens to the not-so-critical REEs  (the balance problem)?

-The conference will include a special round-table session: Roadmap to a European REE industry; We invite all stakeholders and experts to close the conference with an outlook to the future, defining the steps that can evolve the REE industry beyond its current resource, economic, technological and social constraints. 

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